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What is Valleyball and how do I play?

This is a very early prototype of a game to see how good we are at predicting the current and future valuations of existing companies.

Of course, most of the time company valuation data isn't public, so an interesting side effect of the game (if lots of people play) is that we'll be able to generate crowdsourced guesses for the current and future valuations of companies.

Crowdsourcing valuation isn't a new thing — it's pretty much how the private and public markets work, with a couple key differences:

  1. This doesn't require that you have special access to lots of money
  2. This doesn't require that you have special access to key people and deal flow

Venture capital, as a system, is designed to incentivize you to keep your special access to yourself. That didn't seem like a very fun game, so this is a fantasy VC league without the built-in unfairness, secrecy, and competitiveness. Instead of rewarding your ability to horde access and capital, this is only about your ability to predict the future.

Use all the information you have at hand (each company page links to the public Crunchbase page for you to begin your research), and make your best guess about the company's current and future valuation. All guesses are public, tied to your Twitter account, and timestamped.

You can change your guesses for a while, but after a month your guess is locked in. And so is everyone else's.

We'll finally be able to learn who's actually good at picking the winners. Is it you?

Whose idea is this?

I stole the name and the general idea of a "fantasy VC league" from @ddukes and @monstro. I was also inspired by some coworkers (@zanes, @kurrik, @singy, @klingerf) who are part of a "Unicorn League" which is attempting to guess the companies that will become unicorns (billion dollar companies) in the next 2 years (in turn inspired by this post by Aileen Lee). Finally, there have been some really interesting Twitter conversations sparked by @daniellemorrill and @rrhoover and the virtual VC @signalvc.

How can I follow this?

And start making guesses! Why not start with Product HuntUber, and Yo.

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